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Hi there my name is Mary Henry and I grew up in Limerick Ireland and moved to NYC in 1996. While in NY I studied English and Psychology and went on to a Masters degree in Education. I taught in the inner city for 8 years. I brought meditation and creative art into the classroom. My students also explored poetry and creative voice as part of their journey.

 I has been an intuitive since I was a young girl, I became a Crystal Reiki Master and studied psychic development in NY. I channel guides and past loved ones during healing sessions and uses crystals and the sound of the Tibetan Singing bowls, drums and other sound instruments to restore harmony to the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual bodies. I am trained as a Reiki Master, trained in IET, Crystal therapy, Sound Healing, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness and the Aroma touch technique. I have developed my own Crystal Healing System at level 1 and 2 that is fully insured by Balens. My journey is to learn and to inspire others to return to harmony.

Dream Catchers are something that always fascinated me and I have had one over my bed or in my room for a long time. I was curious abut their origins and started researching them recently. I always knew that they protected someone from bad dreams and kept the good dreams inside. When I learned more about them I realised what a strong connection I had to them. Some native America tribes believe the web comes from the spider as spiders are the connectors. My totem animal is spider and that made me smile. I too connect people with their guides, angels and inner magic and help them to transform their lives by focusing more on the positive things so you could say I am a dream Catcher. Maybe you are too! Im excited that you are here reading my story so Thank you for taking the time out and if it resonates with you you are in the right place. So much love and light to you and yours always.